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Local Mexican Restaurant in Phoenix, AZ

Come and try the delicious Mexican restaurant that Phoenix, AZ has been raving about. Los Armandos Mexican Food is made fresh and cooked to order for every customer. We have over a quarter-century of experience with cooking amazing Mexican dishes from scratch, and our menu contains something for everyone to enjoy. 

Over 25 Years of Experience ● Experienced Cooks ● Great Prices

Authentic Mexican Food 

From our ingredients to the way we cook our food, everything in our Mexican restaurant is made fresh for every customer. No longer will you get a room temperature burrito that has been sitting under a light for 20 minutes. In our Mexican eatery, your food will be hot and fresh every time you order. 

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Experienced Cooks

With over 25 years of experience, our team at Los Armandos Mexican Food offers the best combination of quality ingredients and a variety of foods. We know how to get the most out of every ingredient to make sure everything you eat at our Mexican restaurant is amazing and delicious. 


Affordable Prices 

Along with plenty of meals made by true professionals, our family-friendly restaurant offers incredible prices on the food we provide. So not only will you get a hot and fresh meal for the entire family, but it won’t cost a fortune to do so. 

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Come and see why our Mexican restaurant is the talk of the town in Maricopa County. Give Los Armandos Mexican Food a call today for more information about who we are and the amazing Mexican food options we have for the entire family. 

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